An increasing number of people who respect themselves and consider their health important have taken deeper interest in various fields of sports, mainly endurance sports, sometimes just a little, but sometimes in order to train almost as professionals. When confidence grows, people feel they want to put themselves to the test in comparison with others similar to them. Also, the continually increasing number of participants in the well-organised competitions of the past years demands more and more competent operations from the organisers at the correct management of every issue. Time measurement as the main goal and soul of a competition is of crucial importance in a finish protocol and, if possible, protected with a reserve solution. With larger participant numbers, manual measuring of time may bring about an increase in the number of potential errors in a square as well. With modern measurement devices, however, data is collected automatically and in digital form. In conclusion, for a race with more than 50 participants on the start line, the organiser should definitely use technical equipment for measuring time!

Antrotsenter OÜ has successfully engaged in the field since 2011.

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