Different solution of chip timing system give different possibilities to measure very different events.

  • Duration sport: running (reccommended distance is from 1000 m), road cycling (group race or time trial), mountain biking, triathlon, winter triathlon, duathlon, skiing, open water swimming, skating on ice, inline skating, rollerskiing, endurance horse riding, motosport with speed up to 200 km/h.
  • Short distance sport events: running (up to 1000 m), cycling sprint (group race or time trial), downhill, BMX, ski sprint, skating on ice, rollerblade sprint, rollerski sprint.lühirajavõistlused: jooks (kuni 1000 m), jalgrattasprint (eraldistart, grupisõit), downhill, BMX.
  • Mass sport events.
  • Different type of chips: Single use chips with bib number for bike or body. Also reusable chips for bike, ankle or body and team relay sticks with chips.

Basic equipment set means

  • Timing equipment and reusable chips
  • big digital clock
  • 32“ screen for live results next to finish line
  • video recording

Options of extras You can use:

  • registering with bank links or without
  • envelopes and race numbers with names
  • numbers with chips or single use chips only
  • live results in web
  • additional timing spots on race course and live results from these
  • moderator work place
  • additional screens with different data and views
  • printing
  • on site diploma printing
  • digital diploma