Seller ensures the protection and security of Purchaser´s personal data according to terms of privacy policy.

The Purchaser confirm that he/she has read and agree to the terms of the privacy policy. Based on the current legislation and the privacy policy the Seller has right without Purchaser agreement process the personal data to the extent what is needful to run e-shop or complete the sales contract.

Among other things, consequently the seller has the right without separate legal consent, send to the Purchaser announcements about using the services of e-shop, about sucurity reason, about increase customer service or about proving unfinished orders during the session.

In case the Purchaser is given consent during the sales contract or another wise to use the data for marketing, the Seller has to use it according to privacy policy and purpose, including to do direct marketing or promotion offers to Purchaser´s e-mail or SMS.

The Purchaser has right any time to take his/her data processing consent back what was given for marketing by sending corresponding e-mail to Seller.