Price: 40 € / 24 h

Technical features

Functions Watch, count up, count down,
Colors of display White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Violet, Light blue
Display brughtness 8 levels
Dimensions 102 x 28 x 9 cm
Weight 16,4 kg
Numbers height 20 cm
Handling by remote control or phone APP “EURM”
Weatherproofness weatherproof
Fastening, mounting By stand on the ground or by hanging
Measure between hanging holes 80 cm
Power supply only external power 250 V, 50 Hz

If You like to buy new clock, the price is 1400 € (shipping time appr 2 weeks)

User guide

Set the tripod on the ground or hang up properly. In wind condition over 5 m/s have to fix tripod additionally in upper spots.

Plug in the power cable and switch clock on by clicking button “1”.

For changing colors push to button “5”.

For changing brightness push to button “3”.

CLOCK presentation push to button “9”


In clock mode push button “9”, -> edit (button “2”) -> increasing blinking value of number (arrow up, button “3”) and decreasing (arrow, button “5”). To change blinking number move between these by push arrows left “7” and right “8”.